A Selection of Fischadlerisms

Occasionally a new thought will be added to this page

  • Why do we tell machines to shut down and people to shut up?


  • My name must be fragile – people go to great lengths to avoid dropping it.


  • What in heaven or hell is eschatology anyway?


  • “Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all” – Shakespeare.         “That is, until you’ve lost” E. B. Fischadler


  • Fischadler on Tattoos:  Does the artist ever consider whether the canvas looks better than their art?


  • When in Rome do as the  Romans do

-someone famous

didja ever notice how americanized Italy has become?

– Fischadler



2 thoughts on “A Selection of Fischadlerisms

  1. Fischadler story “Time isn’t Everything” sums up time travel as to travel in “time” but not space. Sounds plausible enough the way he describes it in the last paragraph of the story. Not only does it make sort of sense for time travel to the past not be possible, but also time travel cannot be possible to the future. Using the same principle as Fichadler’s story, the time traveler would still be doomed in space, because he would have arrived at a point in space where the Earth, Sun, Galaxies, ect had not yet arrived.


    • Thanks for the comment. You are quite right that travelling to the future would have the same problem, levying the traveler stranded.


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